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My name is Corey Zev 
I solve problems.

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I'm currently looking for a Product Manager position in the NY Metro Area. (09/08/2017)

I am highly motivated to find a new position which motivates me. I am connecting with various job-boards and reaching out to recruiters. If you think that you might have an opportunity for me - why dont you send me a message?

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Hi! I'm Corey – or Zev, depending on whichever social scene I'm hanging out with today. Zev, זאב, is hebrew for wolf, which is partially why you're likely to see a wolf when looking at anything with my branding. Of course I also thought the geometric shape was a fun design project.

I am a creative collaborator. Just in case I made that up – to me that means that I leverage my experience as a front-end developer as well as my focus on elegant design and user experiences. I am the one who see the gaps left open between disciplines and bring them into focus.

» How I think

I started university as a math major. Despite loving the logic classes, I didn't love pure math enough to keep it as a career. I decided to complete a BFA in graphic design to hone the artistic parts of my thought process; that has helped me keep my code & design neat and tidy, as well as my decision making. My code has been self taught and I'm still learning how the formally trained think, yet I am constantly reminded how my unique perspective can help find solutions outside the box.

I keep code DRY; designs and information hierarchy remain well thought out; my projects are built to be highly maintainable. I fully advocate for continuous integration, still - I'd rather take an extra day and do the job right than deliver a poorly built initial release.

» What motivates me

At my core, I am a problem solver. I thrive on utilizing my peers’ and my combined experience to produce creative, elegant solutions to difficult problems.

I like to stretch more than just my finger muscles when I'm on the job. I need an environment where it's required that I use my brain just as much. Solving performance issues, keeping dependencies up to date without breaking the product, and actively helping inform the design team's decisions. Keeping dark patterns out of my products is a big part of my job description.

Sincerely — Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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What are my plans?

As far as my career path is concerned, I see a few options ahead of me. I am strongest at front-end development, though learning more server-side code is high on my priority list. I am incredibly interested in front-end operations. I expect my lack of sys-admin experience to be a road-block but I've got the passion. A potential next step for me is also product management. I believe I'm well suited to it since I have experience in both design & development, I'm up to date on the latest patterns and technology, and I want to see the best work come out of my companies.

What's shaped me?

Since receiving a computer in grade school I have constantly been consuming content. While I spent hours playing games, using the encyclopedia, surfing the web, and chatting with people. I was unwittingly absorbing these interactions as fuel for my future. Those experiences have made user interaction design almost a second nature to me.

Adjectives to describe me:

Nerdy, techy, determined, active, & unique.

Who inspires me?

An odd collection of designers feed my creativity. I like the control which the swiss designers demonstrate. Focusing on the typography as the strength of their designs. Though designer Chip Kidd inspires me as well, breaking the grid when needed. His approch to design is similar to a scientist's. It's like solving a problem.



Product Manager - Internship
Brooklyn, NY
July 2017 – October 2017

Working collaboratively with the development and executive stakeholders, we drive the site forward with new features & quality design & infrastructure updates on a rapid, one week sprint cycle. Projects include product guides, resdesigns, memberships.

Zerve, Inc.

Software Developer
San Francisco, CA
February 2015 – July 2016

Developing new ideas and mantining the website of the top activity booking and sales platform. Working with a small distributed team of developers & designers to prototype rapidly and deploy new features.


Graphic Designer
Boston, MA

Provides design services for student groups and small businesses. The key aspect of ZevDesigns is web design and administration. Also provide print and motion design services.

Boston Young Creatives

Lead & Organizer
Boston, MA
July 2012 — Present

Whether or not you just graduated school or are new to Boston, we all know how difficult it can be your first few years as a professional. Let's use this group to bridge that knowledge gap, the experience gap, and the networking gap.

The local meetup organization Boston Young Creatives was started by me to better facilitate the communication between creative departments and across industries and is now over 900 members strong.


Front-end Developer
Boston, MA
December 2013 — September 2014

I am responsible for front end, responsive web development. My main responsibilities include coding HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. My cross-industry experience place me in an excellent position to work with designers and other creatives to create a cohesive digital experience.

Partners+simons is a brand communications company that generates unambiguous business outcomes for clients in the health, financial services and technology sectors.

Scholastic Inc.

User Interface Engineer
Boston, MA
July 2012 — November 2013

Doing front end development, information visualization design, and document design, for the Hosting & Operations and Enterprise Services departments. Working with engineers and management, to put together visuals which would serve as a portal of information for external departments.

nSphere Inc.

Front End Engineer
Boston, MA
July 2011 — March 2012

Performing development and design duties as the company upgrades existing products, as well as implementing new products. Launched new corporate website & search.


Design and Development
Boston, MA
July 2010 — September 2010

Working with a web startup in a mostly digital environment. Focusing on digital marketing, email, webpages. Hubspot Certified company.

Nuance Communications, Inc.

Graphic Designer
Burlington, MA
February 2010 — June 2010

Dragon NaturallySpeaking. A co-op position in the marketing department working with digital, physical, and multimedia marketing. Email marketing, data sheets, and video projects.

On Campus Product Ambassador

Boston, MA
September 2006 — January 2010

Used personal interaction in a guerilla format to introduce or engage a target with product samples. Clients: Microsoft Zune, Boloco Burritos, Olivia’s Organic Salads, 80108 Media.

Digital Media Design Studio

Software Specialist, Designer
Boston, MA
July 2008 — February 2009

Performed as a central member of a multimedia lab, teaching the Adobe, Final Cut, and iLife, suites. Key responsibilities also included web maintenance, print creation, and multi-department collaboration.

Previous Work

Code samples available by request.

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